.dll fileapi_ms_win_crt_filesystem_l1_1_0.dll

Download and install api_ms_win_crt_filesystem_l1_1_0.dll to fix missing or corrupted dll errors.
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Company: Microsoft Corporation
Product: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
Description: ApiSet Stub DLL
Metadata Consensus: 12 (100%)
Last Updated: Apr 3rd, 2024
x86-64 (64 bit) x86 (32 bit)
Microsoft Corporation (12), 
Microsoft® Windows® Operating System (12), 
ApiSet Stub DLL (12)
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api_ms_win_crt_filesystem_l1_1_0.dll is a Dynamic Link Library (DLL), designed to share functions and resources among various programs. Instead of every application having its own set of functions, common functions are kept in .DLL files so they can be shared among many applications.

How to Fix api_ms_win_crt_filesystem_l1_1_0.dll Errors.

When an application requires api_ms_win_crt_filesystem_l1_1_0.dll, Microsoft Windows will check the application and system folders for this .dll file. If the file is missing or corrupted you may receive a .dll error and the application may not function properly. While some .dll errors might need more detailed fixes, these initial steps often solve common problems.

This application has failed to start because api_ms_win_crt_filesystem_l1_1_0.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.
api_ms_win_crt_filesystem_l1_1_0.dll Not Found.
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