RegSvr32 Tool by Microsoft

A free tool in Windows for registering .DLL Files.

RegSvr32 is a built-in Windows utility tool that is used to register system files. You must open the Command Prompt (cmd) as an Administrator to use this feature.

Windows Command Tool (CMD)

How to register a .dll file

To register the .dll file, open Command Prompt as an administrator, enter the installation folder, and run the "regsvr32" command. You'll receive a confirmation if the .dll file is successfully registered.

C:\User\Username>cd c:\windows\system32
C:\Windows\System32>regsvr32 filename.dll

How to unregister a .dll file

Unregistering a DLL file deletes the .dll information from the Windows registry. Keep in mind some DLL files can't be unregistered.

C:\User\Username>cd c:\windows\system32
C:\Windows\System32>regsvr32.exe /u filename.dll
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