Windows Disk Cleanup by Microsoft

A free tool in Windows that can help you free up disk space.

The built-in Disk Cleanup tool by Microsoft Windows can help cleanup your computer including system files. Open the Windows menu and type 'disk cleanup' to access the program.

Windows Disk Cleanup

Select items to clean

Select the items you wish you clean from your computer. Then click the "Clean up system files" button.

Windows Disk Cleanup - Select Items

Select system items to clean

Select from the additional system items available to clean.

Windows Disk Cleanup - Select System Items

Start Cleaning

Press "Ok" to start the cleaning process. When completed, the window will automatically close.

Windows Disk Cleanup - Cleaning

Additional Options

Advanced users may select the "More Options" tab from 'Disk Cleanup' and remove 'shadow copies and restore points' to free up additional space.

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