Search PC for .DLL files

Looking for .DLL files? Search / Download .DLL Files

How to search your PC for .DLL files.

In some cases .dll files are moved, copied or renamed by other applications. You can quickly check your computer to see if the .DLL file already exists.

  1. Select a drive on your computer. (C:\, D:\, etc..)
  2. Enter the filename into the search bar. (Search without the .dll extension)
  3. Check if the .DLL has been found. (This may take several minutes)
    • If you find the .dll file make a copy and re-install the .dll file.
    • If you find filename(1).dll copy and rename to filename.dll. Proceed with .dll installation.
    • If you find filename.dl_, this is a compressed backup of the .dll file. Use software such as 7zip to extract the file. Continue with the .dll installation.