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Scan your PC with Windows Defender

DLL files are essential components that help software run as intended. If .dll files are corrupted by viruses or malware, it can lead to system issues. It's advisable to regularly scan your computer with an antivirus, such as Windows Defender, to catch and address potential threats.

It's possible that your antivirus software may be quarantining .dll files after they have been installed or during use, which can cause issues with your system. If you believe this might be the cause of your .dll errors, consider reviewing the quarantine folder of your antivirus software to determine if any .dll files have been isolated. Although not recommended, you may consider disabling your antivirus while installing or using the affected application.

Click Search
Click 'Search' and enter "Virus Protection". You can also access Windows Defender Antivirus from the system settings / control panel.
Open Virus Protection
Windows defender is free and comes with the Microsoft Windows operating system. For older versions of windows open the control panel look for windows defender / antivirus.
Click Virus & Threat Protection
Click on 'Virus & Threat Protection' and select 'Scan options'.
Perform full virus scan
Run a full system scan with Windows Defender. If any malicious content is found follow the recommended procedures provided by your antivirus software.
Did you know?

.DLL files help save memory space. When multiple programs use the same DLL, they share it in memory, preventing duplication and thus conserving system resources.