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[email protected] is a dynamic link library file developed by RAD Game Tools. It is a part of the Bink Video codec and is used to adjust the audio volume of Bink-encoded video files during playback. It is commonly used in video game development to implement audio features such as adjusting the volume of sound effects and music. The "@12" in the name refers to the function's calling convention, indicating that it uses the __stdcall calling convention and requires 12 bytes of stack space to be cleared by the caller before the function is called. When an application that uses the Bink Video codec encounters a Bink-encoded video file, it loads the [email protected] library to control the audio volume. The library contains a function that allows the application to adjust the volume of the audio stream during playback. If you encounter an error related to the [email protected] file, it could indicate a problem with the Bink Video codec or the application that is using it. In some cases, simply reinstalling the application that uses the codec may resolve the error. Alternatively, you may need to update or reinstall the Bink Video codec itself.
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