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What is AppVlsvSubsystems64.dll?

AppVlsvSubsystems64.dll is a dynamic link library (DLL) file that is associated with Microsoft's Application Virtualization (App-V) software. The DLL contains classes and functionality related to the virtualization of applications, allowing them to be run in a sandboxed environment that does not interfere with other applications or the operating system. The purpose of AppVlsvSubsystems64.dll is to provide the necessary components for the virtualization and execution of applications in the App-V environment. This includes features such as file and registry redirection, virtualized access to system resources, and other sandboxing capabilities. App-V is often used in enterprise environments to provide a secure and isolated environment for running legacy applications, as well as for testing and development purposes. AppVlsvSubsystems64.dll is an important component of the App-V software, and is typically installed as part of the software package on Windows-based systems. If you encounter an error related to AppVlsvSubsystems64.dll, it may be due to a missing or corrupted file, a problem with the App-V installation, or issues with the application that is trying to use the DLL. In these cases, reinstalling the App-V software or the application that is causing the error may help resolve the issue.
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Last Requested: Jun 2nd, 2023
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How to Fix AppVlsvSubsystems64.dll Errors

  1. Re-Install the application that requires AppVlsvSubsystems64.dll.
  2. Update the application to the latest version.
  3. Install all Windows updates and any available driver updates.
  4. Clean your PC registry and optimize your computer.
  5. Or, Download and restore AppVlsvSubsystems64.dll
  6. Launch the DLL Wizard for step by step instructions.

Windows PC .DLL Errors

  • This application has failed to start because AppVlsvSubsystems64.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.
  • AppVlsvSubsystems64.dll Not Found.