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Keep Microsoft Windows up to date

To maintain optimal performance and prevent issues with DLL files, make sure to update your Windows regularly. Updating helps fix errors and ensures you have the latest features for a smooth experience. After each Windows update, remember to restart your computer and continue checking for updates until there are no more available.

Click Search > Windows Update
To access Windows Update on your computer, you can use the search function and enter the term "Windows Update." Alternatively, you can navigate to the system settings or control panel on your computer to locate and open Windows Update.
Windows Update
Check for Windows updates. These updates can help fix bugs, improve security, and enhance the overall performance and stability of your system.
Windows Updates Available
To ensure that your system is running smoothly and efficiently, it is important to download and install any updates that are available.
Wait for updates to complete
Wait for Windows Updates to complete.
Restart the PC
To complete the process of installing Windows updates, you will need to restart your computer.
Did you know?

Receiving a .dll error on startup typically means a startup program is trying to access a missing .dll or remnants of old software. Ensure all programs are correctly installed and that there are no leftover traces of old software.