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We recommend CCleaner (Free)

Using CCleaner can help speed up your computer by removing unneeded files. Before running it, select the items you want to clean while keeping important browser data like cookies and saved passwords. It might close your browser during the process, so remember to bookmark essential sites like to easily return to them afterward.

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Download and install the FREE version of CCleaner.
CCleaner - Custom Scan
Start by choosing 'Custom Scan' on the left-hand menu and then tick the items you intend to clean. While you can select most options for a thorough clean, you might consider preserving 'cookies', 'session', and 'saved passwords' for a hassle-free browsing experience afterward. Ensure the 'wipe free space' option remains unchecked as it is irrelevant to our task.

Note: CCleaner allows cleaning in two distinct sections: 'Windows' and 'Applications' (see tabs).

Did you know?

.DLL files help save memory space. When multiple programs use the same DLL, they share it in memory, preventing duplication and thus conserving system resources.