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Clean your systems registry

Sometimes, the registry holds references to a .dll file from software no longer on your system. This can lead to problems when the system attempts to access that .dll file. To address this, consider using a registry cleaner to eliminate outdated or redundant references.

CCleaner icon
Download and install the FREE version of CCleaner.
CCleaner - Registry Scan
Once installed, open CCleaner and navigate to the registry section. Making sure the "Missing Shared DLLs" is selected press scan. When the scan is complete, press review selected issues.
CCleaner - Fix all errors
A review screen listing all your registry issues will appear. Select "Fix All Selected Issues".
Run the registry scan multiple times to address any lingering errors. It's normal if a few issues remain unresolved.
Did you know?

Most DLL files are automatically installed alongside their associated software, while others can be sourced from Windows Update. Reinstalling the application or updating your system can frequently address DLL-related problems.